Home Renovations in East Grinstead | Benefits of a Bespoke Service

The difference between using general builders and having work undertaken by Charles Linton Carpentry and Construction Ltd is much like comparing night and day. One would think that builders, carpenters and tradesmen are the same wherever you go. This is true of smaller jobs in the East Grinstead area, like having a wall built, or even a driveway or a patio laid, but what about building work that has a higher value?

Would you trust general builders with new builds or property extensions? Can a general building company deal with the major dilapidation work associated with home renovations? How about property refurbishments, or maintenance and repairs?

Major building work needs bespoke design and two building companies in the East Grinstead area are ever the same. We have time-served builders and carpenters on our team. Because we also use a network of accredited tradesmen to support our own services, we can be as bespoke as you want us to be.

Bespoke Property Extensions

Have an extension designed around the way you want to live, not just on the amount of land space you have available. Our builders can adapt the usual rear-facing, side-return and wraparound styles used for property extensions. Instead of a single-storey addition, you can have a double-storey extension added for gaining not just a new kitchen, office or utility room, but also a bedroom or somewhere to pursue your hobbies.

We manage the building work and the carpentry ourselves to make our property extensions truly bespoke. Charles Linton uses NAPIT electricians and Gas Safe engineers to deal with supply installations or the relocation of home utilities.

Visit our website gallery to see examples of our previous extensions, with many completed in the East Grinstead area.

Bespoke Home Renovations

Home renovations and property refurbishments are not the same thing. A renovation is a much bigger job, one that builders perform on dilapidated properties in need of structural changes or repairs. This means we can make major building work bespoke to your needs. While we can keep a property in as original a condition as you like, it makes sense to want a few small improvements too, just to enhance the way you live.

The great thing about bespoke home renovations is that they can only make a dilapidated property in East Grinstead that much nicer to live in. This means that, should you sell in the future, you’ll usually make a welcome return on investment.

Bespoke Property Refurbishments

Property extensions and home renovations require significant amounts of building work and this makes it easier for us to make the design bespoke. With property refurbishments, our builders usually repair or restore the condition of something that already exists inside an East Grinstead property. The purpose of a refurbishment is to ‘make good’ the key features which made an owner originally fall in love with their home.

To make property refurbishments bespoke, we use a practice called retrofitting. This is the addition of a feature, a component or an accessory that wasn’t part of the original build, but one that our builders can add for you.

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